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Fire Services


Fire safety installations are the safety systems required in commercial, industrial and public buildings to keep people safe in an emergency. 

A fire service installation inspection is where all work is tested at 1700kpa for two hours.

After two hours, the pressure in the internal system is released through the fire hydrant or fire hose reel. The gauge must return to zero once all the pressure in the system has been released. 

If the gauge doesn't return to zero, the inspection test is considered to have failed. Another test booking will need to be organised so the system can be retested. 

An inspector from the Office of the Technical Regulator only needs to witness the last 20 minutes of the inspection test. 

When the system has passed the inspection test and the Office of the Technical Regulator has received a signed Fire Service Installation Report including lengths and materials and a completed Certificate of Compliance, the plumber must contact NSW Water to recharge the fire service.